Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

Recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer before it happens to you.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: More frequent urination

Ovaries or ovaries are located near the bladder and intestines. That means, if there is a cancer cell in the ovary it can also affect the quantity of urination. Urination becomes more commonly included in the common symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Bloated for long periods

Bloating is common, eg when you feel unwell or premenstrual syndrome (pms). But if the bloating occurs in a long period of time and not lost-after the drug, you should be vigilant.

A study published in the BJOG scientific journal shows that another common symptom of ovarian cancer patients is persistent bloating.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Pelvic pain

Some symptoms of ovarian cancer can be spelled out almost the same as the signs of menstruation, one pelvic pain. Holistic physician Dr. Svetlana Kogan recommends that any woman with pelvic pain should be screened for ovarian cancer to detect it earlier.

Cysts, tumors, or cancer in the ovaries will affect the pain in the pelvis. Do not underestimate, because sometimes this can be serious if not handled.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Persistent pain

The study, published in the journal Cancer found that persistent or persistent pain is one of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer. The respondents were asked about common symptoms before and after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As a result, 68 percent of 151 women report that significant pain interferes with their daily activities.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Weight gain is not clear

The sudden increase in body weight is also a symptom of ovarian cancer that is rarely known by many people. This is a difficult thing to note, as some people have a weight that fluctuates throughout the month or year.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Pain during intercourse

If during sexual intercourse experience pain, should be wary of. It could be a wrong position or just one symptom of ovarian cancer. Should check with your doctor immediately.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer: Faster fuller

One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is to feel full quickly. While eating with a portion that is not much, but still not exhausted. A study in Obstetrics and Gynecology, more than 70 percent of women with ovarian cancer surveyed reported persistent satiety before being diagnosed.

If this happens, consider how often that happens. According to the American Cancer Society, if it happens about 12 times in a month, you should quickly contact your doctor.

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